About Pastor Bob

I was raised in Ottawa, Illinois and have two daughters, and seven beautiful grandchildren that I share with my wife, Janet. I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior in 1974 at Grace Baptist Church in Ottawa, IL.  I finished High school in 1976 and by 1980 moved to California, in 1986 I reaffirmed my commitment to the Lord and was baptized with water at the New Testament Baptist Church in Joshua Tree, CA. Not long thereafter, I received my calling from the Lord to counsel couples and restore the moral integrity of the family unit. After a few years of study my conviction was until the family unit is restored, our churches will continue with the problems it is facing today, such as: lack of attendance, faithfulness, commitment, and enthusiasm. I also believes that every individual has their place and that each one has a specific responsibility that the Lord has given them, in that family. It is my prayer that with scripturally founded principals, time, compassion, and willingness to follow God’s perfect will, our churches and families can be restored to what God has for them.
As I mentioned earlier, my wife’s name is Janet, she was born in to a ministering family, Lively Stones Family Ministry. Where she worked with puppets, sang solos, signed, and assisted in the Vacation Bible Schools. She had no idea, at that time, what the impact of her parents’ ministry would do for her life.
It wasn’t until October 13, 1996 that Janet actually came to have a real and very personal relationship with the Lord while she was attending Bethel Baptist Church in Lapel, IN. In April of 2001, the Lord called Janet to begin with a counseling ministry for Marriage and Families. She is very passionate about helping restore family relationships and help families face the problems in today’s world.
Her passion to sing has led her to find ways to use music to touch the hearts of so many about the Lord and His power to save and restore. She has been singing since she was very small, and the songs of the cross are still the most important ones to her today. She carefully chooses her songs, through the power of prayer and scripturally based principles. If it is not in the scriptures, she does not sing it. She has three children who are very involved in the singing part of our ministry as well as the Prayer Shawls.
When we met, neither of us ever dreamed of anything more than a mutual, business relationship, but God had other plans for our lives. As God grew our friendship into love, we joined our lives and families together, to grow, to be blessed in our coming and going out. Each of us had been called by God for ministry of our own, but had not expected building a life with anyone else in these years. God had a different idea, one day as we were talking about the future, we each began to share the call and God’s will for our lives. Janet shared her desire to work with families, marriages, women who were hurting and in need for personal and lifestyle growth and change. I shared with her how God had called me to work with marriages and families that they have to be restored if we are going to restore our local churches. So now the Lord has both of us working together towards the same goal, helping restore our failing marriages. In 2003 we formed Living Sacrifice Ministries to facilitate our calling. Our ministry here in our community is to minister to the local churches, church families, and broken lives that we can reach in music, through pastoral care, life coaching, life skills training and mentoring, and/or through preaching the message of God through the local churches, and to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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